Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Roundup: Week of July 25th

Even though it has been all quiet on the home front, the Etsy front has been booming! I've been very busy for the past week, drafting new listings, posting new products, and even rearranging my soaping and desk space! Everyone loves a good summer deep cleaning week!

So, on with the show!

This week, my clay soaps from my Clay Soap Project have been making their debuts (Look out for my Bentonite soap next week and my Kaolin soap in two weeks!):
French Green Clay Soap, scented with Lemongrass and Mint
Red Moroccan Clay Soap, scented with Patchouli and Cinnamon
Two new bath bombs are finally here:
Sandalwood Bath Bombs
Fig and Almond Bath Bombs
My Red Velvet lip balm got a makeover:
Red Velvet Cake Lip Balm
and my new wax tart sampler sets are popping up as well:
Autumn and Fall-themed soy wax tarts
Summer-themed soy wax tarts
I am so excited and proud to show off all of these new goodies! Just a sneak peek at next week: my Bentonite clay soap will become available, new designs of my french green clay and red moroccan clay will be popping up, new bath bombs are coming, and my wax tarts in clamshell molds will be getting a makeover!
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