Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Roundup: Week of July 18th

Wow, where did this week go?!? With my Kiddo turning 4 yesterday and my husband being home on a mini-vacation, this week has just flown by! Kiddo's birthday was so much fun yesterday! We spent the day with my parents and sister and Kiddo got his first big boy bike!
Look out! Here comes the Spider Man!
But anywho, enough with my Mommy bragging, on to the Roundup!

My Candy Corn soap has returned this year, and due to some discoloration, it is on sale:
Candy Corn Soap on Sale!
Some new bath bombs are making the rounds:
Honey Almond Bath Bombs
Sandalwood Bath bombs
And my soy wax tart sampler packs are making their way online! You get to try out six different scents in a theme, like "Lazy Summer", "Winter's Aroma" or "Whatcha Cookin'?" Take a look:
My Lazy Summer set, click to see the scents!

I also was able to film the last soap in my Clay Soap Series! Wanna sneak peek at my Kaolin clay soap and see how funky my Bay essential oil acted? Check it out:
Can't see the video? Click Here to head to YouTube!

Until next time, ladies and gents!
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