Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a nice, relaxing holiday weekend we have had!

My husband, son, and I have lounged about for most of the weekend... We spend Thanksgiving day with both of our families... My in-laws for lunch, and my parents for dinner! My sister-in-law was in with her adorable family, and Benjamin (my little kiddo) got to sit at the kids table for the first time!

And yes, that is my niece on the right in a bikini top and pajamas... she was a mermaid for Thanksgiving! Love those girls so much!!

We also found out that one of my cousins is expecting a baby in May! Another new baby to add to this mix!

In soap/Etsy news, my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is still going on, and will be active until Monday at 11:59pm. Make sure you stop by my shop to check out all of my stock at 20% off (and all of my fall-themed stock at 35% off)!

Have a wonderful week, darlings!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sales? Where? >.>

Hello, everyone!!

This year, I will be holding a HUGE sale in my soap shop!!

From 11/25/11 (Friday) through 11/28/11 (Monday), everything in my shop (!!) will be 20% off!

That includes all of my fall leaf sets and pumpkin sets... I've discounted them to 15% off, but over the black friday weekend, they will be 35% off!! Wow!

So, remember to think of me when doing some holiday shopping!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Kudzu Soap Experiment: Background

Kudzu... Anyone who has ever driven around in the south can tell you that kudzu is everywhere down here! It can be seen on roadsides and in fields, covering everything in its path with a mess of vines and leaves and flowers. It suffocates other plants as it crawls over them, and can grow very quickly.

Now, most people that I have spoken with consider kudzu to be a nuisance plant, something that needs to be cut back every now and then... However, when I was a kid visiting my grandparents in northern Mississippi, I learned that people made jelly out of kudzu! As a kid, I thought Wow, how amazing! And as I grew older and grew craftier, I began to rack my brain about how to use this seemingly-useless plant.

And, a few weeks ago, it hit me... SOAP! Kudzu is supposed to have wonderful medicinal properties, and is used frequently in Asia to help with ails, so why cant I use it in soap?

I started off by picking a few vines of kudzu a few weeks before our first frost hit, and I dried them in the darkest part of my closet. Now that they are dry and good and crunchy, I will be grinding them down into a powder to be added in my basic soap base...

Look for pictures coming soon!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Soap Preview: November 2011

I have loads of awesome soaps coming up! I just thought I would take a moment to let you all in on my goings-on, and get a sneak preview of what will be new in November!

This delicious-looking soap cupcake is scented with warm vanilla and topped with pink and blue soap sprinkles! (And there's a hint of sugar for a bubbly kick!)Our traditional lavender soaps are now in heart shapes! They come with embedded lavender buds and are a beautiful, pale purple color.I have more soaps sacks debuting this month, including this lovely brick-red soap saver! (It is photographed with a decadent bar of Japanese Pear and Ginseing soap!)And last but not least, here is my lovely cream and green bar scented with the refreshing scent "da Lime in da Coconut"! It will make your mouth water!
Make sure to check out my etsy shop this month for all of my new items, as well as gift bags for the holidays!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Holiday Season...

Just wanted to remind everyone that buying local and buying handmade helps to support local businesses, keeps taxes in your local economy, and helps to support real people!!

Much love!!