Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Clay Soap: July Project

For the month of July, I have decided to embark on a new, month-long project filled with soaping with clay! When I made my Oatmeal Stout soap a few weeks ago, I added some french green clay and bentonite clay to the soap batter, and the bars turned out amazing! I love the clay soaps I have made in the past, so for the month of July, I have decided to dedicate myself and my blog to all things clay!

Stay tuned for the following blog posts:

July 7th: French Green Clay Soap with Lemongrass/Peppermint Essential Oils

July 14th: Bentonite Clay Soap with Cedar/Chamomile Essential Oils

July 21st: Red Moroccan Clay Soap with Patchouli/Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oils

July 28th: Kaolin Clay Soap with Bay Essential Oil

Learn all about each clay, including the benefits of using clays on skin, the wonders of each essential oil blend, and see the resulting soaps! Check back on Monday for the first of four posts!

Clay... Not just for faces!
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  1. These sound great. Clay is so good for detoxifying and helping the skin. I often put a thin layer of argan oil on under the mask to kick up the moisturizing factor too =)