Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Twitter Feature Wednesday: #Handmade

It's time for another twitter feature Wednesday! This week, I searched for handmade awesomeness using the hashtag #handmade, and I found some amazing things made by amazing people! 

The first is an upcycled soap dispenser by @LovesOldStuff!

Next is a gorgeous wire wrapped nest ring by @SugarHillGems

And last for this week is a hand knit cranberry infinity scarf by @joysazplace

What a wonderful selection of #handmade goodness! Make sure to follow all of these handmade artists on Twitter for more #handmade goodness!

For next week's twitter feature, I will be looking for items with the hashtag #knit! 
With the weather outside getting colder, we all need something knit to keep us warm. So, fire up those hashtags and I will see you next week!

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