Monday, October 7, 2013

Apple Festival 2013 with Heather Applegate Photography and DynamiteFibers

I had an amazing weekend at Apple festival 2013 in Erwin, TN! This was my first year selling at Apple Festival, but not my first year shopping there! I was lucky to get to split a booth with two if my really great friends: Michelle from Dynamite Fibers and Heather from Heather Applegate Photography

I brought along my soaps, lip balms, bath bombs, and soy wax tarts. They filled the booth wonderfully with Michelle's marbled paper and dyed scarves and Heather's photography, both serious and fun marshmallow microcosm. 
I was so happy that my soaps were a big hit! I sold out of a few of my soaps and loads of my tarts. I've already started restocking the big favorites, getting ready for Heritage Days next weekend. 
I also held a #TweetUp during the festival, but I am not sure that remote Erwin, TN was the best place for this... I'm going to give it a go next week at Heritage Days and see if I get any bites. 
I had a blast Friday and Saturday, and I was a little sad to see our fun weekend end. But now I get to look forward to Heritage Days next weekend, and it is the craft show that I have been attending since I was a toddler! I hope the weather is beautiful and clear, the food is great, and the folks are ready to get clean!! 

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