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Featured Post: Ashley of AshleyAfterDark

Glass Paper weights
Bright. Colorful. Fun. Those are the three words that I would use to describe the amazingly cool things that you can find in Ashley's Etsy shop, AshleyAfterDark! Ashley makes some beautiful peices using alcohol and ink to create random, gorgeous patterns! Read more about Ashley in her own words below:

1.Who are you and what do you sell?

I am an artist that loves trying new ideas and projects. I specialize in designing an assortment of gorgeous and unique alcohol ink products. You will find a very colorful variety of coasters, tiles, framed art, motivational and inspirational art pieces, as well as upcycled and repurposed jewelry. I am also in the process of adding a new line of trendy magnets. As time progresses I continue to branch out on new adventures in order to create fresh and new products.

2.What inspired you to get started in your craft?

I had been eyeing alcohol inks for awhile so one day I decided to give it a whirl. I started out with 3 colors for a trial run. And as soon as I tried them I was completely hooked. It was fascinating to see all the colors and how they combined and mixed. You will notice that all my products are different and reflect a unique style.
Alcohol Ink Coasters

Crafting and creating however has always been a big part of who I am, and is something that I am passing along to my children. I grew up in a house with a mom that is very talented and always had some craft project going on. We now can create together and bounce ideas off one another. It has become a real bonding time for not only my mom and I, but my daughter and I as well. She is always asking when she gets to head out to the craft cave to do some art.

3.What is your favorite part of your process?

Getting to view the final product is by the far the best part of the whole process. I have somewhat of an idea what it’s going to look like just from the colors that I have applied, but the high gloss glaze is really what completes it in order to make the colors POP!
I also love to see what tiles people gravitate towards and so far people seem to order such a variety of colors and would much rather them be all different versus coordinating.

4.Handmade: What inspires you the most while you create?

While I am creating a big part that plays into my creativity is my emotions. I have to be in a carefree relaxing state of mind in order to properly create something that I love. Many times I will sit down to start a piece of art, then when I step back and view it I think of it as just ok. With a little more color and love being poured in it, it usually ends up being one of my favorite pieces of art.

Magnet Set
5.If you could pick, what is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?

There is so many that I love that it’s hard to pick just one. The brighter colors have more of an appeal to my eye so I would have to go with this one…..

6.Got any social media links?

Following me on:

7.Anything else that you want to share?

Creations of any sort come from the heart and have meaning behind them for each and every individual. You must have confidence in yourself and in the products you are selling. In order to make it worthwhile you have to believe in yourself.

The first craft fair I did was very intimidating, but it was also a great learning experience. There was a blind vision on my part that I could hide in the corner and magically sell my art. But as many of you know that is far from how it works. It forced me to communicate with buyers as well as various sellers in order to get my products out there. When I began to see results there was a confidence about me that I wanted to share with the world. If you are able to connect yourself with craft fairs and galleries it's something I would highly recommend to any artisan.
Upcycled Domino Necklace

You also have to go into selling with realistic expectations. Most etsy sellers aren't able to throw some items together, take a few pictures and make money. It takes patience and realistic goals. Success is not going to happen overnight.

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