Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh, College...

Hello, sweet readers!

Man, life has really been hitting me hard lately. As some of you may know, I am a full time college student at ETSU. I'm a junior this year, and after coming off a not-so-great semester in the fall, I am determined to really kick things up a notch this spring and rebound off into a great summer.

I decided to take extra classes this semester in order to keep myself on track to graduate in about 2 years. I'm finally getting around to knocking out my science classes, and the my choice for the first of two sets necessary for my diploma ended up being Geology. I am in love with this class! My professor is an amazing speaker (and I am not just sucking up in case he stumbles across this post!). However, if you have ever taken a science class, you know that they are taxing... As much as I love the subject matter, I am getting quite overwhelmed with it. AND, this is only one of four sciences that I will need to graduate! I'm also taking the first of my advertizing classes, as well as picking up a few classes that count towards my electives.

I'm taking 16 hours total, which has turned into more work that I realized!
Add on top of that an amazing toddler who is learning more and more and his favorite thing to do all day is to play with his "Mom-mom." Oh, and add a blossoming small business that is doing better and better as time goes on... Plus a blog... and a YouTube channel... and the daily grind of creating bath and body items/photographing/editing/listing... and now there are craft shows to think about, with two of them coming up at the end of April... YIKES! (Oh, and don't forget my husband, who likes to see me every now and then!)

So, with all of these things pulling me in a hundred different directions, I've decided that it is time to start scaling back some things in order to make school and my family the priority. So, until this semester ends at the beginning of May, I am going to scale back my blog posts to two a week: Monday and Friday. I will continue to feature my Etsy artists until I run out of folks to feature. I would like to continue to add new content to the blog on Mondays, but as school and family and my shop continue to need my attention, Monday posts may move to the back burner for me. My YouTube channel will also be scaled back as well, as it is easier to create new things without having to worry about extra equipment to set up, as well as not looking like a complete moron in from of a camera. :o)

I hope that you all will continue to bear with me as I make it through this semester. My Etsy shop will still be around, as well as my Facebook and Twitter, which are easier to update on the fly. Make sure to follow me there to keep up with me!

I hope to hear from you all soon!

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