Monday, March 4, 2013

My Inspiration Wall

I love to read books on crafting, and one of the suggestions that I have came across a few times is to start an inspiration wall, filled with gorgeous things that inspire you to create. So, I started one of my own! Mine isn't big yet, but I hope to keep adding to it as time goes on to make a beautiful collection of awesomeness!

Ignore the panic button in the middle...  All, college living!
I started by adding my three favorite photographs of my three favorite people. First, I added a photo of me and my husband at our wedding, a picture of my son blowing kisses at 2 weeks old, and a picture of me and my sister making chocolate dipped strawberries for my wedding. I also added the note from the Fall/Winter S.O.A.P. team that I received last year. And I picked out three gorgeous handmade cards from ChickenCoopStamper last winter at a local farmer's market that I cannot part with and they have made their way onto my inspiration wall! My wall still looks a little bare, but I am always keeping my eyes open for great new things to add to it! Inspire me, wall!

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