Monday, February 3, 2014

Multipurpose Blogging

I've had this blog for ages... In fact, this July, my blog will be three years old! I've loved being able to share all kinds of things with you all, from my own products to tutorials to features on other handmade crafters and artists! Some of my posts have went viral, such as my 1-2-3 Sugar Scrub tutorial. It's been a wonderful journey and I have adored sharing it with everyone.

One of my new years resolutions involved my blog, and it is my goal to go from 2 posts a week to 4, maybe even 5! Mondays will be a general post, Tuesdays will feature folks from Twitter, Thursdays will feature soapy creations inspired by photos, music and more (and loads of soap porn, too!), and Fridays will feature random products from my Etsy shop.

But now, my blog has a second purpose and it involves one of my college classes.
For the course "Writing for PR" I need to write and maintain a blog as part of my grade, and this one counts! Hooyah! Two birds, one stone!

So, hello Ms. Fannon! I hope you enjoy watching my little soap making blog!

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  1. Good luck with your new blog goals and your tutorials =)