Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1-2-3 Sugar Scrubs!

I've recently been looking into expanding my product lines for Second Spring Soaps, and I finally decided to branch out into the world of sugar scrubs! I've been researching different recipes, from scrubs that you scoop into your hand, to cut cubes, to molded cubes... I finally decided on making my sugar scrub into cubes molded in my small silicone cube pan!

However, I felt a little uneasy about using a melt and pour base. I've been working on the side with melt and pour soap base, because the soaps that M&P artisans make can be absolutely amazing! However, when I tried to make sugar scrub cubes with it, I was less than happy with the results. I guess my cold process soap has spoiled me! Well, a little more research lead me to an invaluable post on the Soap Making Forum, and I am in love with the results! (You can read the original post here!)

Here's the breakdown of the recipe... You will need:
-A shredded soap base
-Oil or Butter (I used olive oil)
-Sugar (white or brown or a mix of both)
-A measuring cup or spoon
-Mixing bowl
-Mold (if you want shapes)
-fragrances and dyes (if desired)

The recipe is simple: 1 part oil or butter, 2 parts shredded soap, 3 parts sugar! The best part about this recipe is that you can make small batches or huge batches by just changing the size of the measuring cup or spoon!

1. Add your 1 part oil to your 2 parts shredded soap. Mix in a few drops of dye if desired.
Dough-like consistency
2. Heat your mix in short bursts until mostly melted. I found that 15-20 second bursts were perfect for my microwave.
3. Add your 3 parts sugar and add fragrance. Stir until the mixture acts like dough.
4. Mold your mix and set it in the freezer for a while. The original recipe called for 5-10 minutes, but my cubes did great after freezing overnight.
5. Remove from mold and let them air dry for a day. Store them in an air tight container.

And voila! You have ready to use sugar scrub cubes!

I also made a YouTube video walking through the sets, just in case you area a visual learner!


  1. Hi, a small question about your mold! How big would you say those cubes are? I'm bad at eyeballing but they look to be maybe an inch or so? A bit more? And they seem to be a bit shallower than they are wide, or was that a trick of the eye?

    Heh. Excuse the semi-badgering. Just trying to estimate how much scrub = how many cubes if cube size varies.

    1. They are 1 inch squares, and they are about 1/3 inch deep. I pack them as tightly as I can. I prefer this mold because the cubes fit nicely in my hand when I use them.

  2. Oops. Didn't realize quite how long ago this was! Sorry!

    1. No worries! :oD I love questions from folks!

  3. why are mine so crumbly? the cube shape is fresh from freezer, but even lifting them to the jar made a mess????? any suggestions?