Friday, February 21, 2014

Feature Friday: Grease Monkey Soap

One of the soaps that I made over winter break is one that I am most proud of: My Grease Monkey Soap! It's been tried, tested, and approved by the grease monkey guys in my life (mainly my car-loving father and my dairy farmer father in law), so I know it is good to go for you!

The soap is made with a base of freshly brewed coffee, which is also what gives the soap its rich, dark color. The soap is made with my standard oil base (olive, coconut, castor) with a little cocoa butter mixed in to help soften your skin as you use it. Coffee grounds and baking soda were added to the soap to help scrub away grease and grime.

The soap is scented with a blend of essential oils to help deodorize any stinks that may have attached themselves to you while you were hard at work. I use a blend of Anise essential oil, Orange essential oil, and Ginger essential oil, which work together to naturally deodorize your skin, as well as smelling wonderful. Anise is a licorice-type scent, which is softened and sweetened by the orange and ginger additions.

Got a grease monkey that is is desperate need of cleaning? Check out my Grease Monkey soap HERE!

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