Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Inspiration: Tennessee Orange Soap

My mom, ever the Vol fan, has been bugging me for ages to make an orange and white soap for her. It's always been a project in the back of my mind, and after finding the perfect scent (Orange Creamsicle) and the perfect orange color (Clementine Mica), I was ready to go!

The soap is a messy swirl of orange and white. It's a really simple, gorgeous swirl that I am super proud of! The inside of the soap has a white swirl and the scent is super wonderful! The orange and the cream balance each other out wonderfully!

Here's a picture of the "wet" soap in the mold:

The orange faded a little to a creamier orange, rather than a bright one, but it matches the scent beautifully! I'm pretty proud of it! Be on the lookout for this tasty-smelling soap next month!

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