Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolution: 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that everyone had a safe, happy, and healthy new year! I rang in 2013 with my husband and son, watching my son play trains and munching on popcorn. Simple, easy, wonderful!

My husband and I discussed whether or not we would be making any new years resolutions this year. I have tried to make resolutions in the past, but they always fell flat after a few weeks. However, this year, we are determined to make our resolution stick!

My new foodie blog!
We have resolved to stop eating so much take-out and fast food, and we have resolved to cooking most, if not all, of our meals from scratch!

I've already got a few resources under my belt for some great looking recipes from Pintrest. You call check out my food board here. But, I know that I have to keep myself accountable somehow, and I am hoping that the blogging world can help me do it!

So, I have officially started a blog to track my family's eating habits! Fellowship of the Dinner Plate was born at 2am on January 1, 2013! Make sure to go and check out out daily. I'll be updating with photos and recipes and musings on the day. And make sure to leave me feedback! Feedback is crucial, and I want to hear what everyone has to say!

I am really looking forward to this resolution/project that my family has decided to venture into. I want to get healthy for myself, and I want my son to grow up with healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle that he can take into adulthood.

Happy 2013, everyone!

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