Friday, December 7, 2012

Featured Post: Phillip from streetflowerart

"Clouds spitting out clouds"
Some of the most amazing photography to come out of East Tennessee has came from Phillip Kelley of streetflowerart.  His photography features nature, and he captures beautiful, bright colors and gorgeous scenes in nature. Phillip also makes amazing, natural jewelry from metal, stone, and shells, and his shop boasts both poetry and bible versus! Learn more about Phillip in his own words:

Hello my name is Phillip Kelley and I sell handmade jewelry and poetry (either framed or in a book form), and I also take a lot of photos which are turned into framed art. Most of the photographs are of Nature or landscapes.
Seashell and metal Bracelet
I have always found inspiration in creation. I enjoy sitting outside in order to watch a sunset, sunrise, clouds, waves crashing, or life among the trees. The complex yet simple meet here and I always find that inspiration comes during these times of solace.
My favorite part of the process would be taking that one amazing photograph, making jewelry that people are blessed with, and writing a poem that encourages someone heavily. The part that I do not like sometimes, is adding items on Etsy! Hahaha! It is a tedious process.
Nature and creation have always inspired my work. And also the one who put the Joy in my heart. Christ my Savior.
My favorite Etsy item in my shop is hard to pick. But overall I would have to say my first ever published poetry book. It turned out really well. I am thankful that I was able to complete it after 10-12 years of writing.
Turtle Greeting Card
I am blessed and thankful to be part of Etsy and the creativity of people all over the world. It is simply amazing to see what gifts and talents people possess. Thank you for your time and allowing me to continue my craft. LORD Bless.
You can follow Phillip on Facebook here:
And make sure to check out his Etsy shop this holiday season! 

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