Friday, December 21, 2012

Featured Post: Jerzy from 2goodponiesvintage

Vintage Jug - Blue and White Pottery
If you want to check out an interesting collection of vintage goodies from all over the world, make sure to check out Jerzy's etsy shop: 2goodponiesvintage. Jerzy's shop boasts all sorts of vintage items, from dolls to jewelry to an amazing pipe collection! Her items are in fantastic shape and well taken care of., and her eye for vintage is amazing! Learn more about Jerzy below:
Who are you and what do you sell?
My name is Jerzy. I am a tattoo artist by night, chicken herder, cat wrangler and etsian by day. On etsy I am currently helping my parents destash their large vintage/antique collection, with some of my stuff thrown in the mix at

What inspired you to get started in your craft/start collecting vintage?
My mother is the collection queen! Even after moving all over the world, she still managed to collect stuff. As she is the queen, I am the princess and love to hit the local flea markets on Sunday morning. It is the only time you will find me up early.

What is your favorite part of your process?
Vintage Copper Cuff in Aluminum
The thrill of the hunt for something really cool-looking that I can work into my art projects or use to decorate my house. I also like to give things I collect a history. Finding out who owned the item prior to me and when and where they got the item connects me to the present in some way.
Going through my parents things has really expanded my personal knowledge of my family roots. Sometimes my grandmother and great grandmother passed things down with little hand written notes on the things they treasured the most. I am getting a real sense of where I came from.

Vintage: What draws your eye when collecting vintage?
Vintage Castello Pipe
I like to collect household items like mantle clocks, furniture and really odd gadgets. I have an awesome pair of old medical lights that look great in my living room. I also like old cars and trucks; I have VW bug and 1960’s pick-up truck.

If you could pick, what is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?
My dad’s old pipe collection

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