Friday, December 14, 2012

Featured Post: Karla from emisminis

Chicken Caesar Salad Fridge Magnet

If you are looking for perfectly made polymer clay or bright, fun, and sparkling accessories, look no further than Karla del Valle of emisminis! Karla's etsy shop is full of beautifully made items that will make you grin from ear to ear! I absolutely adore her chicken salad magnet... Isn't it the cutest thing ever?
Karla's shop also helps to support causes like Hurricane Sandy relief. Part of each sale goes to help out folks in need.
Learn more about Karla and her shop below:


1.Who are you and what do you sell?
My name is Karla Noemí, the -emí from Noemí is behind the inspiration for the name Emi's Minis. I sell handmade and hand decorated accessories and I strive to keep the prices as affordable as possible. I believe everything in my shop is less than $9.99. The accessories featured in my shop are always growing. I started out with my handmade polymer clay charms, then added necklaces, key chains, rings, iPhone cases and most recently, molds I made at home of popular cabochons.

2.What inspired you to get started in your craft?
Chocolate Swirl Charm and Chain
My inspiration was seeing cute things like what I sell, but at very high prices and I couldn't afford to buy them. So instead, I decided to research the materials, buy what I could and learn how to make them myself. I'm going on 3 years now with sculpting clay and a year on 'decoden-ing'.

3.What is your favorite part of your process?
My favorite part is learning new things to make, challenging myself, especially since I mostly use 'tools' I have laying around in the house. Clay tools are extremely expensive when they add up. I'd rather buy blocks of clay than a bunch of tools.

4.Handmade: What inspires you the most while you create?
Happy Christmas Cookie Charms
I forget what's on my mind when I'm creating. It's a great escape for me, like reading an awesome book that you just can't put down. I lose myself in my crafting and before I know it, the entire day has gone by. I love it.

5.If you could pick, what is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?
My most favorite item.. Hmm.. Either my Cuppycakes To Go ring or my Emi Supernova magnet. It's too hard to choose. I love all my little babies ☺

6.Got any social media links?
Twitter: @imasupern0va
Instagram: @imasupern0va
and of course,

7.Anything else that you want to share?
I donate a dollar from each sale my shop makes each month to a charity, good cause, organization, etc. I feel like it's the least I can do to give back. I may not be making enough to live off of from my shop, but it's so important to give back and help others because you never know when you'll be the one needing help. November's donation will be going to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. October's donation went to the victims in Syria. I know what it's like to need help and no one offer you anything. I know what it's like to have everyone turn the other cheek to me and I can't do that to anyone else.

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