Friday, November 2, 2012

Featured Post: Linda from SewUpscale

Every Friday through the holiday season, I will be featuring a different artist, craftsperson, or vintage collector from Etsy! I have met many wonderful people through Etsy, and I would like to take out some time to showcase their talents!

This week's feature is Linda from SewUpscale!

1.Who are you and what do you sell? Hi! My name is Linda Johnson and my shop is Sew Upscale. The main focus in my Etsy shop is quilted fabric postcards. I'm passionate about mountain landscape scenes. I also make small quilted wall hangings. I have a few vintage items and some destash craft supplies

2.What inspired you to get started in your craft/start collecting vintage? I've always loved to sew. I started out designing and making doll clothes when I was about 10 years old. I discovered quilted fabric postcards a few years back one day when I was searching the internet. I loved them and taught myself how to make one. Since I was still working full time outside the home at that time, it really fit me since they were small and relatively quick to finish. I hadn't actually seen any landscape postcards but that is what I started making. I have developed my own style which I think is fairly unique.

3.What is your favorite part of your process? Designing the card and choosing the fabric that creates that certain look.

4.What inspires you the most while you create? I would have to say it is the fabrics and remembering a scene. I see quilted postcards in everything.

5.If you could pick, what is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop? I actually sold my favorite postcard Monday but here is one I love also. It is a mountain scene with a hiking trail and a campsite with a campfire. It is so tranquil.
Linda's Postcard: Hiking and Camping

6.Got any social media links?

7.Anything else that you want to share? I can also take your favorite landscape photo and recreate it in fabric. Postcards are also sold at Mountain Made in the Grove Arcade in Asheville, NC. A new store opening in Black Mountain in March 2013, Faison O'Neil, will also be selling my mountain postcards.

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