Friday, November 9, 2012

Featured Post: Catherine of cwporche

Another great artist in our series of features Etsy artisans is Catherine from cwporche! Catherine hails from Erwin, TN; a small town nestled into the rich Appalachian Mountains. Catherine's shop boasts beautiful artwork and beautiful classic crafts, like handmade quilts and bunny rag dolls, as well as her famous felt mice! I could go on, but I will let Catherine take the wheel!

Quilt: The Christmas Garden
I am Catherine Porche of I am a passionate watercolor painter, quilter and crafter! I sew purses and little felt mouse figurines and sell any of it as well as accepting custom orders.
I have been sewing since the seventh grade and making and selling my mice since about the eighth grade (a long time ago!) My mom taught quilting classes, so naturally I learned traditional quilting. Rag quilts offer me more freedom and I've always loved the play of colors against one another.

For each of my artistic endeavors, even though they seem very different, my favorite part is being fully present in the portion in front of me. When I am imagining a mouse character I am dreaming up a back story and how to convey the costume well. If I am envisioning a painting, I let go of all my daily concerns and go where the paints take me. With formulating a quilt's color scheme I just mentally swim around in all the available fabrics until I am smitten with a collection I have made. That immersion in the process itself is such a joy to me; it is truly my favorite part!

Catherine's beautiful watercolor, "Led"
Being inspired to create isn't really how I feel about it. For me, it's more like a craving that must be satisfied. I yearn to make something beautiful or quirky or cute or comforting. I neeeed to make something, sometimes very small but I feel anxious until I can get to that part of my day. Beautiful photos and magazines of crafts, gardens and artwork are fuel for my fire but my favorite inspiration is the smile on the customer's face when they are loving getting it as much as I loved making it.

To pick one favorite item from my shop would be like picking a favorite child. My favorite painting right now is "Led".  It seems mysterious and thought provoking to me. My favorite quilt is The Christmas Garden.  I think its a fun useful way to make a room seem ready for the holidays. And my favorite mouse is Little Red Riding Hood. I just finished her and hope to have her posted soon-she's so cute!

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