Thursday, May 31, 2012

Michael's Clearance Score!

Before my trip to Mississippi, I wrangled my toddler and took a quick trip to Michael's craft store to stock up on some yarn. I knew that the car ride was going to be at least 8 hours long, and I figured I would need a way to keep busy, and my crochet needle was the way to go!

So, I kept my kiddo happy with music from my iPhone and picked out 8 gorgeously colored skeins of yarn. And then I did what I always do in craft stores: head to the soap making department!

My haul! :oD
You can imagine my surprise when I saw all the new soap fragrances and new packaging that Michael's in carrying! New fragrances in larger bottles, new colorants in bright packaging, new molds and cutters and all kinds of things to make me feel giddy!

Then... it hit me... Michael's has a clearance section!
So, I raced with my son and my buggy full of yarn, only to find that the supplies that had been replaced were all marked down considerably! So, after I stopped squealing, jumping, dancing, and receiving strange looks from the other customers, I had scored 6 bottles of rose fragrance oil, 5 bottles of plumeria fragrance oil (my husband's favorite!), 3 bottles of pearberry fragrance oil, 3 tubs of pearl shine, and 4 tubs of glitter!

And I scored them all for... $0.79 each!

I've already started making pearberry scented bath bombs and drying rose petals for soap!
And I'm already making plans to visit a few other stores to see if I can get this lucky again!
Life is great!
Happy Creating!

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