Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plants for Soaping

For some of my soaps, I like to add in extras, like dried herbs and flowers. For my sister-in-laws wedding favors, I added bits of rosemary to the rosemary-scented soap, and I have been known to color soap with parsley, tumeric, paprika, and kudzu.

Pink and Red Rose Petals
Currently, I am growing some marigolds to cut and dry for calendula petals, along with loofahs, and I've been looking around to see what other plants I can dry...

My in laws have lots of plants and flowers around the farm, but this past weekend I had my eye on a deep red rosebush and a bright pink rosebush! My husband and I collected handfuls of rose petals, and we have laid them out to dry in prep for a layered rose soap.

Orange peels
We've also started looking at our groceries to see what we can use and reuse. We recently replanted the heart of our last batch of celery, and it is growing back more celery! Yum! We also just bought a big bag of navel oranges, and we're saving and drying the peels to use in soaps and bath teas. Dried orange peel can be found in the spice section of the grocery store, but it is WAY cheaper to dry out your own peels! I've dried orange peels before, and they got very hard as they dried, so I am going to run them through my food processor after they are dry to get them to a finer consistency. 

Happy Creating!

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