Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blackberry and Sage soap preview

Today, I cut one of my finest loafs of soap to date! Actually, it started off as a disaster! My purple colorant morphed into pepto-pink, my green faded to cream, and I spilled a few ounces of soap batter all over the counter! (it's always a good idea to keep some vinegar handy for spills like that!) By the time I slopped the soap into the mold, I was so frustrated that I could have tossed the whole thing!

Instead, on a whim, I decided to oven process my soap. Basically, I put my soap in my warm oven (under 200 degrees) for 2 hours, then let it sit undisturbed overnight, forcing the soap to go through the gel phase.

And my results were worth it! My fragrance is strong and stable, my pink colorant has really popped, and the creamy color seems to have recovered some of the list green! I am over-the-moon excited about this soap!

Look for it in my Etsy shop in 4 weeks... But here is a preview to hold you over:

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