Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Handmade by me!

If you are familiar with the inner working of Etsy, then I am sure that you are familiar with the recent controversy that has been swirling around in the forums. (If not, check out this Regretsy post and this update.) I have been torn on the controversy, keeping mostly to myself in the forums and watching others talk it out.
However, I have been suckered in by a passive protest. Now, a group of sellers has began changing their avatars to pictures of their hands, to show that their work is all handmade. I just could not resist!

The hands that make!
I want all of my readers to be reassured that the work at Second Spring Soaps is all handmade by me. I design and make all of my bath products in my little home. You can check out these facebook photos of me making soap if you want, or watch some of my YouTube videos.

For what it is worth, my heart is broken over all of the Etsy shenanigans. I would have felt much better if Etsy would have apologized for its mistake, and I believe that most of this would have blown over before now. I honestly believe in handmade, and I try my best to support others who are trying to make this world a little more unique. I just... I dont even know. I hope that the handmade community can survive.

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