Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crinkle Cut

I recently purchased a brand new soap cutter... I've been using knives and dough scrapers for so long, that I had almost forgotten that there are really cool crinkle cutters out there! For months, I have been drooling over crinkle cutters online and searching through thrift stores and kitchen supply stores for a crinkle cutter, only to find one in my local Michael's when I was not even looking! Score!

Before the cut!
I have finally gotten a chance to break the cutter in on a new batch of Sandalwood soap. For my sandalwood soap, I used freshly rendered tallow (big thanks to my meat cutter bro-in-law for the suet cuttings!), olive oil, and coconut oil, with some gold colored dye and sandalwood fragrance oil.

I added an interesting touch in a moment of worry. Usually, when I use a large amount of hard oils (tallow, coconut), I get loads of soap ash. In order to combat the ash, I wrap up my loaf in saran wrap... but I found out that I was out! So, instead, I covered the top with bubble wrap, and it made a great looking honeycomb effect! Awesome!

After the cut!
So, after letting the soap sit for about a day and a half, then a few hours in the freezer, the log was ready to cut... And I think that the combination of the bubble wrap/honeycomb with the crinkle cut has given the soap a whole new look!

I am in LOVE with the effect!!

Look for the soap in my Etsy shop and Zibbet shop around mid-June!

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