Thursday, May 3, 2012

Make it MiO - A review

I have always had a tough time drinking straight water... I've tried all kinds of water flavorings, but when I tried MiO for the first time, knew I was hooked!! First, I fell in love with the Peach/Mango and the Sweet Tea, but then, I became addicted to the Green Thunder MiO energy(which is supposed to be an apple/citrus combination, but to me it tastes like those old candy sticks that you would lick and dip in the powdered candy... NOM!).

I am a fan of the MiO Facebook page, and a few weeks ago, they announced a free giveaway of their two newest flavors: lemonade and blueberry lemonade! Freaking blueberry lemonade?!? Sign me up!! I stalked their page for three days before I got my free sample confirmation...

And now, its here!

I was so surprised with my sample... I figured I would receive a sample similar to what you get shampoo samples in (you know, the flat, plasticy samples that you squeeze out?), but I got a whole freaking bottle!! I almost danced right there at the post office!
My sample of Blueberry Lemonade!

How does it taste?
Pretty cup of yummy!
Freaking amazing! When you first taste it, the blueberry is the high note (first thing you taste), and it is light and sweet. The tart of the lemon comes next, but it is not overwhelming. The two compliment each other without overpowering. And if you are like me and like a light touch of MiO to your water, this flavor is perfect with just a small squeeze.
And did I mention that the color of my water is a gorgeous violet color?

I have tried all of the MiO flavors except for the new Lemonade and the Orange/Tangerine, and the Blueberry Lemonade blows them ALL out of the water! I have a new favorite!

Make sure to go and like the MiO facebook page for a chance to try out their latest flavors!

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