Friday, May 2, 2014

Time for a Comeback

March was awful. April wasn't much better. But May looks to be spectacular!

As I've waddled my way through my first trimester with the twins, I've been focused on keeping myself as healthy as possible while keeping up with my school work. My soap shop has really fallen to the wayside, and I think that putting it on hiatus was a smart decision on my part. It really freed up a large chunk of my time and energy to get through the past few months and come out healthy and happy on the other side.

Now, with only one final to go and most of my debilitating morning sickness behind me, I am excited to announce that I will be opening my soap shop back up online only! My Etsy shop and Zibbet shop will be up and running Wednesday, May 7! I will be going through my inventory this weekend and updating all of my listings, as well as updating my turnaround time for orders (I am expanding my turnaround time to 3-5 from order date) to give myself some leeway. BUT! I am very excited to get everything going again and return to the soap making world!

And since you all have been so patient with me, here's the latest pic of our little troublemakers:

(If anyone is interested, they are di/di twins (two placentas, two amniotic sacs) 

and have a 70% chance of being Fraternal!)

Have a wonderful weekend and I cannot wait to see you all on Wednesday!

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