Monday, May 19, 2014

Comeback: Production Week!

Last Thursday, I woke up feeling fabulous and got my booty in gear to FINALLY make some new soaps! The last new soap I made was back in February before my morning sickness forced everything to a grinding halt, and I've had a few soap ideas floating around in the back of my head all of this time. So, since I felt so great, kiddo was being super cooperative, and I had all of the supplies I needed, I got down to business to make two mini-loaves of soap!

My first batch of the day is a scent that I have been mulling over for a year: Tomato Vine and Raspberry. I love this scent because the tomato vine scent is so strong and the raspberry is more of a bottom note. Totally summer.
I started off the soap with a base of creamy yellow, then did a drop swirl with some rich chromium green and shimmering pink mica. I then swirled the three on the top for a nice color mix. The shimmering mica really helped to round out the bars.

My second batch is a restock of black raspberry vanilla with a new design. Black raspberry vanilla is a classic bath and body scent, and I just adore it! I think the name is a bit of a misnomer though, because I smell more blackberry than anything. ;o)
This batch of soap started off with a white base, then I added some pastel purple and bright blue in another drop swirl. For the top, I splattered the purple and blue in alternating angles and left them unswirled. I really love the splatter effect... I need to pull that one off more often!

Here's a pic of the wet soap headed to "bed", with black raspberry vanilla on the left and tomato vine/raspberry on the right:

Since these are new molds and I did not line them, it may be a few days before I get to unmold them and cut each bar. As soon as I cut the bars, I'll be uploading photos of the finished soaps... I am so excited to see how they will look in the end!

Ahh... It feels wonderful to be soaping again!

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