Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Spotlight: Sweet Pea Bath Salts

For the first Friday in September, let's take a look at my sweet pea bath salts! I've been featuring my bath salts in craft shows, and they are finally making their way onto my etsy shop.

My bath salts are made from a mixture of epsom salts (or magnesium sulfate) and coarse sea salts. Salt baths are wonderful for pulling toxins out of the skin, softening it as you soak. Epsom salts have been praised for years for helping to soothe aching muscles by pulling excess lactic acid from muscles. I add sweet almond oil, which soften skin even further!

These salts are dyed a sweet pink color and scented with the classic sweet pea fragrance. I package the salts in a squat 8 ounce mason jar, making them a cute addition to any bathroom.

Wanna know more about my bath salts? Click here!


  1. Love the color in your bath salts, Milly! They are very even and bright. =)