Friday, February 22, 2013

Feature Post: Mary of NeedlecraftbyNan

Place mats, napkins, and ring holders
If you are looking to see some amazing handiwork, then make sure to check out NeedlecraftByNan! Mary Evans, who also goes by Nan, has amazing talents with a needle and thread, and her amazing creations can be found on Etsy! Mary's shop is just getting off the ground, so make sure to head over and show her some love! You can learn more about Mary below in her own words...
_____ name is Mary[nan] Evans. i opened a shop on several months ago. I make quality hand crafted items for babies, mothers and children, home decor, and seasonal items.

2. i started many years ago sewing for my children and friends. both my mother and grandmother were needle artists and it fascinated me to watch them create beautiful things out of fabric, yarn and crochet thread.

3. the favorite part of the process is creating original designs and putting my ideas into a product.

Gorgeous bib ... Original Design!
4.i think making things that are well made and will last for years with a minimum of care. i love having others get enjoyment out of things i make for them favorite items to make are baby bibs with my original designs on them.

6. i am on facebook, and i have just joined two etsy teams - knoxville creative hands street team and east tennessee crafters network. i'm just learning how to use the computer so hope it will help me to get aquainted through these groups. my goal is to build a local customer base.

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