Friday, February 15, 2013

Featured Post: Marci of MarcisChainDesigns

Wow, if you are looking for some amazing, unique handmade jewelry, you have found something fabulous in Marci's Chain Designs! Marci, the hands behind these amazing chainmail creations, has an eye for the colorful and unique! Looking for a chainmail bow tie or belt? Marci is your gal!

You can learn more about Marci in her words below. Enjoy!
Rainbow Earrings
I'm Marci, owner of Marci's Chain Designs ( My creations are accessories and jewelry inspired by chain mail armor from the Middle Ages. Each piece is crafted from links that are woven together by hand, one ring at a time.

I've been fascinated by chain mail since the first opportunity I had to touch a finished piece. There's a captivating quality to an item made from stiff metal rings that, when woven, become a flexible and fluid piece of art. Each item has its own unique texture and movement, making it as much fun to play with as it is to wear.

My favorite part of the craft is engineering. Chainmail is based on repeating patterns, all of which behave differently with different sizes of rings or types of metal. I love the challenge of creating something from the ground up and finding the correct combination of size, metal, color and design to make a piece that is both functional and beautiful.
Chainmail stretch bracelet

In the 10+ years I've been making chainmail the history attached to it has never ceased to amaze me. The process I use is very similar to what armorers used during the Middle Ages when linked rings were used to craft armor that protected troops and saved lives. Since chainmail armor isn't as in demand today, I enjoy finding new and different ways to turn that piece of history into something modern and unexpected.
Chainmail Bow tie

My favorite item currently for sale in my Etsy store is the bow tie. It's quirky, eye catching, and guaranteed to jump start any conversation. That said, I most often find myself wearing a pair of four in one stretch bracelets.

You can always find me at Marci's Chain Designs on Etsy ( or my business site,
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