Friday, February 1, 2013

Feature Post: Megan from NewEveJewelry

Vintage Key and Treble Clef Necklace
Everyone loves a little piece of vintage, and with Megan's Etsy shop, NewEveJewelry, you can combine your love of vintage and jewelry into one gorgeous piece of art! I am in LOVE with the key necklace featured on the right... Stunning!
1.Who are you and what do you sell?
I'm Megan Craig of New Eve Jewelry. I sell jewelry that I've made using vintage trinkets and semiprecious gemstones.

2.What inspired you to get started in your craft?
I love the symbolism behind refashioning potential junk into something beautiful & precious. In the past I've even taken stale cereal and fallen tree bark and cast them in sterling silver, literally turning trash to treasure.
I feel like God has done that with me so many times. He picks me up off the ground, dusts me off, and makes something amazing out of my mistakes. That's my real inspiration: God's love.

Pink and Gold Vintage Earrings
3.What is your favorite part of your process?
My favorite part of my creative process is the hunt for vintage "thingamabobs," as I call them. I'll spend hours scouring thrift stores for the perfect pieces, dreaming up how to use them and what they'll become. Imagination is key for me.

4.Handmade: What inspires you the most while you create?
While I create, I love listening to music and getting really into the process of creating, wrapping wires around one another and choosing the perfect stones. Watching my piece come together keeps the inspiration going.

5.If you could pick, what is your most favorite item in your Etsy shop?
Vintage Gold Swirl Button Earrings
My favorite item is a long gold necklace made with a quartz crystal and a vintage brass flower. It's so versatile, yet it's got that vintage flair!

6.Got any social media links?

7.Anything else that you want to share?
I donate 10% of my sales to charity. Right now I donate to my local rescue mission in Knoxville, Tennessee. My plan is to transition to donating to a global anti-trafficking organization in the future.

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