Monday, February 27, 2012


Back in December, I took a class on social media at the Tennessee Small Business Development Center. I knew loads about Facebook, having a Facebook page already, and I was pretty confident with my Twittering abilities, but I knew next to nothing about YouTube, other than watching videos when I have the rare case of insomnia.

So, one of my New Year's Resolutions for the year was to create and maintain a YouTube channel! And I am excited to report that my channel is officially GO!

I've been working on my videos for about two months... At first, I was so self concious of my voice and my Southern Appalachian accent that I almost balked... But after two or three tries at videos, and finally getting my first successful video, I've found myself getting more confortable behind the camera!

So, here's a link to my channel! I have videos about my soaps (both pouring the soap batter and cutting the loaves), and a few how-to videos (the "in the pot swirl" video and the "1-2-3 sugar scrubs" video). I'm planning on adding more and more as I go along, so check it out for previews of new soaps, and interesting things that I come across!!

Let me know what you think! (But lay off my accent! Ha!)

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