Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winterize your Skin

The winter season can be harsh on our skin... Cold winds, heated houses, steaming baths all take their toll on our skin. However, there are many things that we can do to help prevent the damage, or soothe the damage after it is done. 
Here are a few changes you can make... your skin will thank you:
  • When showering, try to take warm showers, instead of hot showers. The temptation for a relaxing, steaming shower will be there, but the heat will make your skin sweat, and dry it out quicker in the cold. Hot showers can also do damage to hair by drying it out.
  • Showers are all about getting clean, but the WAY that you get clean can affect your skin. When lathering up, use a glycerin-based soap over a detergent or cleanser bar. Glycerin is a humecant, which means that it binds water to it to be absorbed by the skin. Also, be sure not to over-scrub. You can use a loofah when you wash to exfoliate your skin without serious scrubbing, and will leave your skin soft.
  • The best thing that you can do for your skin in the winter time is to keep yourself hydrated! Healthy skin is hydrated skin, so make sure to drink lots of water! Sodas, tea, and other sugary/caffeinated drinks do not hydrate as well as good old water, so drink up the clear stuff!
  • If you prefer to use a lotion on your skin, check the label for a few skin-drying ingredients. Avoid lotions that contain ethyl or menthyl alcohol. Moisturizing lotions will contain glycerin, that wonderful humecant! 
  • Go easy on the hand sanitizer! Just like some lotions, most hand sanitizers have a base of ethyl or menthyl alcohol, and they will dry your paws out fast. Instead, fight those yucky winter germs by washing your hands in warm water.

Have a happy winter with happy skin!

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