Friday, February 3, 2012

The Kudzu Experiment: Out of the Mold

My soap was finally hard enough to take out of the mold 5 days after pouring!! That's a seriously long time, when most of my soaps are ready to take out of the mold after 2 days, but I shouldnt be surprised, since I had over 60% olive oil in these tiny batches.

The first one that I unmolded was the soap make with the kudzu-infused olive oil. The color greened in the mold, and the final result was a creamy green.
The second one that I unmolded was the soap make with the powdered kudzu. It actually took on this really deep, gorgeous green color, similar to a forest green! I'm going to watch this soap anxiously, since most plant add-ins tend to go brown over time (Lavender buds are notorious for this!).

I've been slowly adding videos to m blossoming YouTube channel, and last night, I added a video of me popping out these kudzu experiments... I forgot to mention in the video that I put the molds in the freezer for about an hour before I tried popping out the soap!

Enjoy! Check back in about 4 weeks for another video... My kudzu experiments will be cured, and I'll be trying them out for the first time!

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