Monday, June 9, 2014

Business Notebook (Or, how I hoard business articles!)

Before school ended last month, I realized that I had "prints" that I needed to use up before the semester ended. Every semester, part of our tuition goes towards prints on campus, each sheet costing 10 cents to print in black and white. While I used up about half of my prints on schoolwork, I still had a good amount of prints left, which do not roll over to the next semester. So, to prep for my inevitable comeback to SecondSpringSoaps, I began printing off business and soap making articles!

I ended up gutting my school notebook of notes, papers, and graded assignments, and used the three ring binder and its dividers to create neat little sections of my "business notebook."

I started off by printing some really great business articles from the Wholesale Supplies Plus Handmade Magazine! I went through their most recent issues and printed off everything that caught my eye.
I also went to some of my favorite soaping blogs, like SoapQueen, and printed new recipes that I have been anxious to try!
I went to Handmadeology and printed some great articles on tips for selling online.
And my final stops were to Etsy's Seller Handbook and Zibbet's Blog to print off blog articles that would help me with my comeback!

I also went through my school notes and copied down all of the ideas that I had jotted in the margins and saved any "ideas" pages that I had hastily written while brainstorming. I'm in the process now of whittling those notes down to the best of the best, and I've got some really great stuff here: Loads of great ideas for blog posts, scent blends, and soap designs!

Now that everything is organized and all of my articles are slowly being read, re-read, and digested, I am so thankful that I had the foresight to use up my prints in such a productive way!

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