Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Inspiration: Sunset Soap in White Tea and Ginger

I've come up with a new Thursday column that will both inspire me to make soap and will indulge all of us in our love for "soap porn"... For Thursday Inspiration, I will be making a soap inspired by a picture, song, video, or what have you!

I figured that I would start off this series with an inspiration that came from both a gorgeous wallpaper and the mold itself. My new mold hails from Wal-Mart and makes my inner hippie giddy with glee! I love the peace signs and the L<3VE embed... They are perfect! This mold, paired with the sunset below, gave me the greatest inspiration for a fun, bright new soap.

Sunset from 
I started off with some bright orange mica and a blend of yellow oxide+titanium dioxide to achieve a bright yellow. I filled the raised portions with the colors, then swirled them together. The bulk of the soap was colored with ultramarine blue. The soap is scented with White Tea and Ginger, a fresh, clean scent, slightly foral but very light.

Here are the finished bars, three days old:

I love how they turned out! Almost exactly how I imagined them... They smell incredible! The orange is a bit muted, but I am still in love! I will need a steadier hand the next time I use the mold, though.
These soaps will be available in 4 weeks. I will have two peace signs and two L<3VE soaps available when they have cured!

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