Monday, January 27, 2014

Bath Bomb News

With the start of the new year, my bath bombs got a new look, new ingredients, and new fragrances!

Instead of the old, usual ball-shaped bath bomb fizzies, I have transitioned over to thick circle-shaped bath bombs! They're almost as big as a bar of soap! On the inside of the fizzies, I have ditched my shea butter additive for a combination of epsom salt and almond oil. Sometimes, I noticed that my shea butter would not melt in the tub if the water wasnt warm enough, so the switch to almond oil was a perfect one. The added epsom salts also brought some body to the bath bombs, and I really love the salts in the bath.

The colors now have more pop and pizzazz to them, too! Since I've brought my focus around to bright, fun products with loads of color, I quickly realized that my pastel bath bombs were not going to cut it. So, with a little research, I've been able to start coloring them brightly! I'm so pleased with these colors!
New Orange!
Old Orange...

Keep an eye on my Zibbet shop for new fragrances coming soon! I've kept the old favorites, like Green Apple, Eucalyptus, and Sweet Pea. New bath bombs to look for include Cherry Almond, Nectarine, Chocolate Brownie, and Sandalwood!

Got a scent that you are dying to see in a bath bomb? Comment below and let me k


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