Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Spotlight: Pearberry Mistletoe Soap

With Thanksgiving officially behind us, I am so happy that I can embrace my Christmas spirit fully without judgement! So today, as I plug up the lights on my Christmas tree and play my Glee Holiday Pandora station, I will be featuring my Pepperberry Mistletoe Soap!

I love this soap. This soap is layered, with a green bottom with embedded mint leaves, a red clay pencil line, and a white top. I even played with some soap stamps and stamped the top with two birds on a tree in green mica. I was REALLY feeling the Christmas spirit with this one!

The scent of this soap is complex and perfect for the holidays. It starts off with top notes of cedar and fir with middle notes of oranges, spice, and cranberry, and rounded off with a low note of deep musk.

Wanna grab a bar? CLICK HERE!

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