Monday, June 17, 2013

Sign up for my Newsletter!

One of my great new projects this summer has been the official start of my email newsletter! I have been noodling around with a newsletter for a few months, but never had the time to really sit down and do it... The summer months have finally given me that opportunity!

Preview of Issue #1!
So, I am proud to announce that my newsletter will go live on July 1st! I am so excited for the first issue to go out. I am featuring my soap of the month, which is a soap that is discounted throughout the month, as well as the featured sample of the month. My newsletter will also feature my upcoming craft shows for the next three months, as well as a bath and body project that you can do at home! Plus coupons, sneak peeks, and more!

Interested in signing up? Well, just follow this link and enter your email to receive it! Simple as that!

Hope to see everyone sign up, and be on the lookout for newsletter #1 in July!

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