Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Spotlight: July 4th Red, White, and Blue Star Soaps

Today, let's take a look at a seasonal product: my Red, White, and Blue Star Soaps!

These soaps were designed just in time for the Independence day celebrations on July the 4th. The soaps are made from a vegan melt and pour base and molded in the shapes of stars.

One white bags of soaps contains two red, two blue, and two white soaps. Each soap is scented with a blend of wildberry and lemon. The blend reminds me of lemonade and blackberries at my grandmother's house in the summertime.

These soaps will be available through the patriotic season, and will come back around every summer. Stock up while you can!! These soaps are great to use as guest soaps, hand soaps, decorative soaps, or travel soaps! Find them in my Etsy shop!

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