Friday, January 11, 2013

Featured Post: Tish of ArtfullyTish

Brass Swirl Necklace
If you are looking for beautiful wire jewelry, then look no further than ArtfullyTish by Tish! Tish uses gorgeous sterling silver, brass, and copper to make amazing geometric jewelry. Tish comes from East Tennessee, and her creations make the world a little more whimsical and beautiful! Learn more about Tish below, and make sure to check out her Etsy shop!
I am Tish of Artfully Tish Jewelry Designs. I design and sell Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper and Beaded jewelry. Over the years I have had various creative outlets. Until about 5 years ago, I was once again on the hunt to express my creativity. I was attending a jewelry home show, when I thought “Hmm, I bet I can do that”. So I did my research, bought supplies and got started with stringing and simple wrapping techniques. I took classes and read a lot about jewelry making. Learning the art of
Sterling Silver and Brass Cuff
metalworking is an on-going process, so I am always looking for new techniques to try and add to my skill set. Thus, the style and look of Artfully Tish is forever
evolving. Currently, I am enjoying working with mixed metals. I love the look of pieces with freeform wrapping and different metals. It adds such fun and whimsy to a piece. Also, the art of soldering has really opened up a lot of creative options and some difficult challenges, but it is fun trying to figure it all out.

I think what inspires me the most is simply beauty – beauty is all around us. And if you look you can find beauty and inspiration just about any place. We just have to see it and let it move us. I want to create beautiful things. And I hope that what I create, others find beautiful too.

My Favorite piece would have to be the Copper Triangles with Brass Dangles. They are big and whimsical.
Sterling silver and brass triangle earrings

You can find Artfully Tish on:
Etsy at
I am also in Tirzas Imports in Apex, NC

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