Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Roundup: Week of September 12

The last time I updated my blog, I promised to be more consistent in posting.

Yeah... about that... :o)

Sorry for the lack of updates. My fall is turning out to be fairly chaotic, which was not what I was expecting. My classes are starting off strong and fast. I've already got one paper and one test under my belt and its only week 3! Kiddo had his 4 year checkup this week, complete with his last round of immunizations and he was down for the count for about 2 days afterward, which slowed things down. I have also recently started seeing a therapist to help me get through grieving for my twins. It's a huge step forward for me and I am so thankful that I happened to stumble into the ETSU Counseling Center.

So, this week's roundup is kind of slow, but bear with me!

This week, my Clubs are back

Sign up for the Soap of the Month Club or the Bath Bomb of the Month Club and get sweet packages in the mail each month! These are fantastic gifts to give a friend or loved one, or they are a fun treat for yourself! Both the Soap Club and the Bath Bomb Club have different subscription options: 3 months, 6 months or 12 months! 

For Halloween, you can now grab four candy-flavored lip balms in a discounted set! I'm making up a few sets for my nieces for trick-or-treat treat bags! This set includes Marshmallow, Bubble Gum, Caramel, and Candy Corn! Yummm! 

And my shop now features wooden soap dishes! These dishes are made from pressed pine and are cut and sanded before shipping (thanks, Dad! I'm a klutz with a saw!). I leave these dishes natural so you can stain, paint, and finish these yourself to match your house's decor! These dishes help keep your soap dry between uses, making the bars last longer!

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