Friday, March 7, 2014

Feature Friday: Avocado and Aloe Soap

This chilly late winter weather has got me in the mood for heat, sun, and sand, and my Avocado and Aloe soap has soaked up all of this inspiration! This soap was made with fresh avocado puree and real, home grown aloe for a mild bar of soap that is fabulous for your skin.

The green of the soap is an almost perfect match to the warm aloe plant, and I topped the soap off with a swirl of blue mica for some shimmer and sparkle.

The soap is scented with a wonderful blend of cactus flower, sea salt, and moss for a warm, fresh and clean scent. It smells really divine and captures my inspiration perfectly. I've already kept a bar of this batch for myself and, hopefully, the warm weather will come back to the South soon!

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  1. Your soap looks super awesome. What a great scent blend =)