Monday, March 10, 2014


Following my big news from last week, it has quickly become necessary for me to make some changes in my online shop and changes for the rest of the year. Pregnancy symptoms have hit me hard and fast, sometimes to the point of debilitation. Thanks, twins!

So, to make it easier on myself and my family (and the tiny people living inside of me), I've decided to make a few changes, specifically to SecondSpringSoaps.

Clove Lip Balm
As of now, everything in my shop is ready to ship. All of my made to order items, like my liquid and solid lotions, bath bombs, and face masks, are currently not available. However my soaps, lip balms, and wax melts are still up for grabs on both Etsy and Zibbet. As soon as I start feeling better (4+ weeks and counting!), the made to order items will pop back up online. Keep an eye on the blog for that announcement, which will hopefully be soon!

I am also hoping to start making a few new soaps soon (twins willing, of course). I am still looking forward to bringing my liquid soaps online, too. And maybe a few new lip balm flavors to boot. I'm just trying to keep things slow until I get out of this horrible first trimester.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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