Friday, April 26, 2013

Featured Post: Pam of PeeGeeJewelry

Meet Pam of PeeGeeJewelry! Pam makes fun and funky jewelry that I absolutely adore! Learn more about Pam below...
I am Pam George and I sell Country Girl, Gypsy Chic jewelry with a kick of Vintage Boho. I round it out with Shabby Chic!

I am an art quilter at heart, but I love to make jewelry when I'm not quilting. Now the jewelry has seem to taken over. Although I do have a quilt going usually at the same time.

I love to work with cold porcelain and air dry clay. I tend to get inspired by nature and vintage things. I love to create plants and flowers and work a lot with my photography for inspiration.

Right now I have been making vintage camping trailers that I have cut from steel. I paint each one to have it's own retro feel. I hope to create custom pendants for people who "Glamp" , thats glamorous camping. I also would like to reach out to the vintage campers.

I have a Face Book page called PeeGee Jewelry at and I share a blog with my daughter called Family Style Living at Wordpress.
We are both DIY girls and I talk about my quilting and jewelry on the blog quite frequently. We share all our decorating projects and cooking and gardening ideas. Life is great!

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