Friday, April 27, 2012

Farewell, Spring Semester... Hello, Moving Day!

With only finals week left to go, I am looking forward to my summer vacation! I cannot wait to spend my summer with my son, playing outside, picking blackberries, and selling soap at our local farmer's market! I am also looking forward to the Fall semester, when I will start taking business classes in earnest, and I will take my first accounting class... Kind of scary, but I am excited!

The only thing I am NOT looking forward to is our summer move.
Packed and ready to go!
My family and I are fortunate enough to live in family housing at East Tennessee State University, where I attend. However, our apartment complex is fairly old and in need of some renovations. So, for the summer months, we are being relocated to another apartment on campus. While I am excited about the new apartment (and the washer/dryer that comes with it!), the process of packing up our things has me panicky. Not to mention, I am also having to pick up my business and move it, just to move it again come August when the renovations are complete! Argh! Stressful!
In preparation for the move, I have limited myself by not making any new soap for the past few weeks, so I do not have to worry about moving any soft soap. My tasks for this weekend include wrapping the last few bars of soap that have finished curing and packing them away. I've found that packing my soaps, lip balms, and other things in rubbermaid shelves has made the easy to transport and lift, as well as keeping them at hand in case any new sales come in during the move.

Plus, once we are moved and (kind of) unpacked, I can start making more soaps!! So, be on the lookout in my Etsy shop and my Zibbet shop for new creations!

I guess I have put off packing for long enough... Happy Creating!

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  1. I kind of like moving because it's a new place and I get to plurge things I don't really want or need, but I always have these weird dreams for like 3 months after the move, thinking that I left a box at the old place or something. haha. Hope you have a great summer, tho! :)