Monday, April 23, 2012

Blackberry Winter

Photograph by Cassie at
Here in the south, springtime cold snaps can be called one of two things: Dogwood winter, or Blackberry winter. Dogwood winter comes first, usually in early April, and the cold snap is signified by the blooming dogwood trees that dot the hills and valleys. Blackberry winter happens a bit later, usually in early May, and all of the blackberry bushes bloom with their small, white dots of flowers.

In fact, last week as I was walking with my Mom and son, I noticed that a wild blackberry bush had not yet bloomed, and I mentioned to my mother, "We're in for a cold snap." She glanced down at the purple blackberry vines and agreed. Little did we know tyhat the cold snap was less than a week away!

So here we are, huddled against the cold and wind in the last week of April, and all I can think about is the middle of July, when the blackberries are warm and juicy straight off the plant, the berries bursting in mouths, and staining lips and fingers...

Summer cannot come fast enough! Enjoy your Blackberry winter!

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