Monday, January 23, 2012

Hydrotherapy: Relax and Soak

Baths are not just for kids anymore! A warm soak in the tub can be one of the most relaxing parts of the day. By adding a few small touches, you can make your soak a true therapeutic experience.

Set the mood!
To really get the best our of your hydrotherapy, set the mood! Lower the lights and light some scented candles or incense. Grab some warm, fluffy towels and set them near the tub. You can even bring your favorite music or that book you've never had the time to read!

When pouring your bath water, try to make it nice and warm, but not hot. Hot water can actually be drying to your skin, and is not healthy for people with blood pressure or kidney problems. A good temperature for a warm bath is right under 100 degrees.

Unscented bath salts and Loofah
Another nice touch to a bath is a scrub with a loofah. A loofah sponge comes from a Mediterranean plant, who's fruit is dried to make the sponges. Loofahs are wonderful at polishing the skin without over-scrubbing! They can be very relaxing. Take your loofah and wash your body in small circles for a relaxing experience! 

One more thing that you can add to your bath to make it even more relaxing are bath salts. Salts, like epsom salts, can be added to relax the body and relieve muscle aches. You can also use commercial or handmade bath salts as well. 

If you prefer a scented bath without the salt, you can add your own essential oils to your bath. Only add a few drops! A little goes a long way with essential oils! Here's some essential oils suggestions:
  • To Relax, try lavender, ylang-ylang, or rose
  • To calm yourself, try chamomile or neroli
  • To invigorate and energize, try grapefruit, lemon, or other citruses

A nice, relaxing bath helps everyone to center themselves and feel refreshed! Give hydrotherapy a try after a long, hard day!

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