Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Spotlight: Sept 2013 Soap - Green Apple Soap

Since most of us kids and college students are heading back to school (or already back to the books!), I figured that September would be a great month to have my Green Apple soap be the soap of the month for September! They make great gifts for your child's new teacher! (I've already got some set aside for my son's new teachers!)

These soaps are hot process vegan soaps, made with a bottom "peel" layer of green and a top layer of warm yellow. Each soap is topped off with two green apple-shaped soaps. The soap is also scented with "Granny's Green Apple" scent, which is sweet, tart, and juicy, just like a granny smith apple. This scent is also available in bath bombs and in my green tractors.

All throughout the month of September, you can catch this soap on sale! Wanna check it out? Click here!!

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