Sunday, November 6, 2011

Soap Preview: November 2011

I have loads of awesome soaps coming up! I just thought I would take a moment to let you all in on my goings-on, and get a sneak preview of what will be new in November!

This delicious-looking soap cupcake is scented with warm vanilla and topped with pink and blue soap sprinkles! (And there's a hint of sugar for a bubbly kick!)Our traditional lavender soaps are now in heart shapes! They come with embedded lavender buds and are a beautiful, pale purple color.I have more soaps sacks debuting this month, including this lovely brick-red soap saver! (It is photographed with a decadent bar of Japanese Pear and Ginseing soap!)And last but not least, here is my lovely cream and green bar scented with the refreshing scent "da Lime in da Coconut"! It will make your mouth water!
Make sure to check out my etsy shop this month for all of my new items, as well as gift bags for the holidays!!

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